2018 Beer Trends

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18 January 2018

The New Year is finally here, and with it comes lots of great news for Boldwin! SIAL Canada—part of the world’s largest food exhibition network—recently stated that Canada’s beer market is in full swing, making up 75% of the alcohol sold in the country.1 Beer is clearly on the rise! So what’s in store for beer trends in 2018? Boldwin has a few ideas…


Sour beer 2

This new beer trend doesn’t strike a sour note. In fact, it’s finally reached a rather delicious one! In the past, sour beer was difficult to get just right—but new recipes have improved the taste and beer lovers’ palates seem ready for the trend. Just like with wine, the acidity in beer can be balanced just right, making it the perfect pairing with your favourite foods. Something to (re)discover!


Fruity beer 3

When made just right, fruity beers are delicious and go down easy. That’s why we brewed Honeysuckle beer last summer, in collaboration with Brasseur Vagabond. Participants at various beer festivals also got to try a wide variety of fruity beers, since these were front and centre. We have our ear to the ground, and what we’re hearing is that fruity beers will continue to have a place at beer stores and patio tables this summer.


Low and no-alcohol beers 4

Long gone are the days when alcohol-free beer was undrinkable. Today’s low and no-alcohol beers are a delicious way to overcome the holiday excess! Low-alcohol thirst quenchers—also called “near beer”—are really making a splash. These are light and go down easy, at under 0.5% alcohol, and we predict that we’ll be seeing more on the shelves in 2018 to balance out the many strong and bitter beers currently on the market.


Beer sommelier

Many in the brewing industry would like beer to be taken as seriously as wine. For so long, beer has been considered light and entertaining, but the many types and flavours of beer deserve to be given a lot more credit. So why not treat beer like we would a fine bottle of wine!

Beer tasting is highly personal, but knowing how and what to speak about makes the experience so much more interesting—and important. There are more and more workshops and training sessions for beer sommeliers, teaching would-be experts about the basics of beer tasting. The Festival mondial de la bière offers École de biérologie MBeer, where beer amateurs and professionals can earn various certifications. The ITHQ also provides a course for beer sommeliers.


Cans 5

Boldwin is ahead of the game with this trend, since our beer has come in cans since the beginning. Cans have a wide range of benefits, including easier transportation (they weigh and break less than glass), staying fresh longer (as they’re not exposed to light and the seal is airtight), and providing more surface area to print our design and product information. The aluminum used in our cans is also fully recyclable, making it better for the environment.


Labels 6

Breweries and micro-breweries are paying more attention to the labels they use on their beer. As with wine, the label is the first thing people are attracted to when selecting a craft beer—making it an ideal tool to help a brand stand out on the shelf. That’s why brands have been using imagination and innovation to come up with powerful visual imagery for their products.

It’s also a fun way to play with themes (whether it’s based on religion, folklore, fantasy, the land, environment, tradition, and so on) as well as design—from simplicity to colours, drawings, and a lot more. Some breweries even hire artists to come up with a memorable label. Just be sure not to let a pretty label fool you into buying a sub-par beer! Design lovers should check out Oh Beautiful Beer for a vast collection of the best beer labels from all around the world. Simply stunning!


Beer yoga 7

Last but not least, there’s beer yoga! We’re bringing it up again because it’s new and fun and attracting a lot of followers. In Germany and the U.S., the movement encourages yogis to enjoy a beer (or more!) while they practice. Sometimes the bottle is even used when performing certain poses!

According to BierYoga Berlin founder Jhula, incorporating the spiritual and philosophical teachings of yoga with the enjoyment and friendliness of drinking beer provides yogis with a fun and energizing experience. These two practices may appear contradictory—after all, one is aimed at reconnecting us to ourselves, while the other is made to numb our senses a little. Just be sure not to fall over when you salute the sun!

In Québec, we discovered beer yoga via Savoure ton yoga at the Festival mondial de la bière. Beerologist Lima Bourhis and yoga instructor Sara Di Blasio prefer to enjoy a beer only after yoga class is over and your feet are back on the ground. That’s when practitioners gather for a beer tasting. We’ll cheers to that!

What are your beer trend predictions for 2018?



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